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2-3yr old – Ladybirds

The nursery consists of 3 rooms on the ground floor for our ‘ladybird’ group, offering a wide range of equipment and exciting activities for our 2 – 3 yr olds; children are able to access the red, blue and yellow room, where they can safely explore, develop and learn.

Happy Tots Nursery Blackpool - NurseryWe have created a lovely cosy feel in the blue room, with a home corner which is equipped with items that you’d find in your own kitchen to enable children to wash and iron, bake a cake or sit and have dinner together. There is also a ‘lounge area’ where children can read a magazine, make a phone call or simply have a chat with their friends. The sofa and cushions create an area where children can relax and have some quiet time alone or with a small group of children, reading a book or playing a game together. Story sacks give children opportunities to develop their imaginative skills as they re-tell stories about the Bear-hunt or Billy’s bucket.

In our red room, children can explore the creative workshop and painting area, helping themselves to a selection of paints, pom poms, glue, glitter, cellotape and scissors and lots more to create a masterpiece to take home.

The sand and water area offers scope for imaginative play, as well as science and maths, as children are able to help themselves to resources that will enable them to pour, mix, measure quantities, compare textures, dig tunnels and bury treasure.

You will find small world, construction and the music area in the yellow room; The construction and small world area offers lots of opportunities for imagination such as ‘constructing a rocket for an expedition to the moon’, ‘building a tower for the princess’ or ‘discovering a volcano in the land of dinosaurs.’

Our music area is stocked with a variety instruments such as maracas, drums, bells, symbols, keyboards, microphones, a CD player and much more – children can create their own instruments, explore sounds, sing-a-long to their favourite tunes or perform to ‘Frozen’ and ‘Little Mix.’