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Baby Room – Caterpillars

Our bright, stimulating baby room is full of wonderful experiences for babies and young children aged between 3 months and two years (or until they are mobile and ready for the next transition into nursery.) A vast range of materials and resources are provided to stimulate and inspire young developing minds. We have created a caring and loving ‘home from home’ environment where our babies and young children feel safe and secure.

Opportunities to explore the environment and use their senses are provided through treasure baskets, bursting with natural everyday objects that are rich in texture, colour, shapes and smells, whilst our Shanti cots provide children with a cosy area to rest and sleep, or to simply have a quiet few minutes reading a book.nursery

The daily routine is very flexible in the baby room to ensure that we meet the needs of your baby; a key person will ensure that your baby is cared for and has lots of cuddles, whilst working closely with you and following your baby’s routine to ensure continuity between home and nursery.

Happy Tots Nursery Blackpool - NurseryPlease feel free to call in and experience our baby room for yourself – once you have visited Happy Tots and decided that you would like a place, we will arrange some settling-in visits – these visits are invaluable and will give us the opportunity to begin to build important relationships with you and your child. Visits are not limited – it is more important that we help your child feel happy and settled to ensure a smooth transition from home to nursery.

We understand that leaving your child for the first time can be upsetting for you and sometimes, for your child. You are more than welcome to stay in nursery as long as you want, and please be assured that when you feel ready to leave your child for a short period of time, their key person will spend time with them, helping them settle in.Happy Tots Nursery Blackpool - Nursery