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Partnership with Parents and Carers


We understand how important it is for children and their parents / carers to have strong and trusting relationships with staff. Forming a partnership is essential for us to plan effectively for your child’s learning; after all, it is you who knows your child best! You are always welcome to spend time in nursery, please feel free to drop in at any time to observe or exchange information about your child; our caring team will support you, discuss your needs and respond to any questions you may have.

It is important to us that you feel welcome at Happy Tots any time and feel fully involved in your child’s learning and development. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Providing a fully inclusive environment, where all children flourish and staff plan effectively to meet the individual needs of your child.
  • Operating an ‘open door’ policy, where parents / carers can drop in at any time, knowing that a member of staff / management will be available to discuss any aspect of their child’s development and hopefully alleviate any concerns.
  • Creating a parents / carers notice board in the entrance hall with frequent updates and useful information.
  • Informing you of forthcoming events, activities and general updates through regular newsletters.
  • Providing questionnaires to enable us to evaluate the service that we provide for you and your child – we want to provide the best service possible, and will appreciate feedback.
  • Displaying a digital photo frame in the entrance hall and adding new photos weekly to give parents and carers the opportunity to see their children joining in exciting activities during their day at Happy Tots.
  • Regularly updating our website with ‘news and events’ so you will be fully aware of what is happening.
  • Providing a set of Happy Tots policies and procedures in the entrance hall for you to read.
  • Ensuring that your child’s key person shares information with you about their care and development on a regular basis. You will also have opportunities on a daily basis to chat to a member of staff or the manager during arrival and departure times to discuss any aspect of your child’s development, or answer any queries or concerns.
  • Celebrating any festivals that children celebrate at home such as Christmas,  Hanukkah,  Easter,  Ramadan,  Eid al-Fitr, Bonfire night, Mother’s day, Father’s day etc. Please note, if there are any celebrations that you would rather your child didn’t participate in, we will provide alternative enjoyable activities for them instead.
  • Providing each child with their own special learning journey during their time at Happy Tots; you will be welcome to view this at any time. Your child’s key person will be happy to share observations and plan ‘next steps’ with you. At Happy Tots, we celebrate what the children have achieved and look for ways of building on their interests and achievements.

We welcome suggestions and comments that will help us provide the best quality care for you and your child.